Warehouse Lighting and Heating Solutions

As energy saving experts, we understand the challenges of providing efficient heating and lighting for large warehouses. Green Capital can implement a number of cost effective solutions to meet these needs.

We offer a range of fully funded financing options, whereby we install the technology for free and then share the resulting energy cost savings with you. This is a no cost, low risk way for your business to benefit from the latest warehouse energy saving technologies such as high bay LED lighting, HVLS fans and biomass heating systems.

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Warehouse LED Lighting

LED is now a viable alternative to metal halide high bay lights. Available in a range of different angles and Watts, LED high bays offer significant energy saving potential.

For example, our 130W LED High bay is a direct replacement for 400W metal halide and sodium lighting. Offering energy savings of 65%, this LED unit is ideal for warehouses and sports halls. LED high bay lights also benefit from extended life spans compared to traditional units.

Energy saving opportunity: 65%

Free Energy Saving Guide for Warehouses

Warehouses in the UK make up 1.2% of annual national energy spending. Although this number may seem small, it equates to just under 19 billion Kilowatt hours which translates to more than £2 billion in energy costs annually.

Drawing from our experience in the commercial energy management sector, we have put together a guide offering 5 practical recommendations that can help warehouses significantly reduce their energy expenditure.

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Warehouse Heating Solutions

High Volume, Low Speed fans help to reduce heating costs in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer by circulating the air throughout the building. These large fans, typically with a diameter of between 8 and 24 feet, rotate slowly but are very efficient and moving large volumes of air.

As heat rises, all the warm air collects in the roof space. HVLS fans help to evenly distribute the heat throughout the building, making the warehouse more comfortable and reducing heating costs. Conversly, in summer, HVLS fans provide a cooling breeze to workers and help to keep temperature and humidity down.

Energy Saving Opportunity: 20%

CASE STUDY : Metal Halide vs. LED

Metal halide lightbulbs are one of the most common light sources used in warehouses. This case study gives you a direct comparison of metal halides and their LED replacement.


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