Sports Hall LED lighting upgrade at Oxford Spires Academy

Oxford Spires Academy needed to change the fragile and dated lighting of their sports hall for safety and efficiency reasons.

Green Capital were able to offer the perfect replacements to make the sports hall safer, generate significant energy savings and create the right amount of lumens for the hall to be used as a temporary examination hall.

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Reduction in power consumption

£1,309 in Energy Savings

Annual energy cost saving

56 Tubes replaced

Twin fluorescent tubes replaced

We knew that glass tubes in a sports hall presented an unacceptable safety risk and so were looking to install new lights and protective cases. Green Capital were able to offer us an even better alternative, solving not only the safety issue, but also saving us money by reducing our energy consumption.

Mark Jaggers

Director of Operations

Financial Benefit
Annual lighting cost
before the upgrade
Cost to client for refit £5,767
Annual lighting cost
after the upgrade
Annual cost saving
for the client

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