The Manor Hotel – LED lighting upgrade 78% more efficient

The Manor Country House Hotel, at Weston-on-the-Green, is a luxury 25-bedroom hotel in Oxfordshire. Built originally in the late 15th Century, the hotel has had a number of extensions and refits over the centuries, but still retains a wealth of original features throughout.

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The Manor facts

Green Capital were able to demonstrate that upgrading our lighting to LED would not only save our business money, but would improve the ambience of our hotel. The quality of the products and services provided were of the highest standard, and we experienced very little disruption throughout the upgrade.

Financial Benefit
Monthly lighting cost
before the upgrade
Cost to client for refit £0
Monthly lighting cost
after the upgrade
Monthly reimbursement
to Green Capital
Monthly cost saving
for the client

Much of the existing lighting in the hotel consisted of chandeliers and wall lights, with hugely inefficient incandescent candle bulbs. Through our shared savings solution, we were able to replace 372 bulbs throughout the hotel at no cost to the client, and deliver a certified 78% reduction in energy consumption.

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