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Energy saving technologies can reduce office lighting and heating costs by 40%

Green Capital can help your business to save energy and save money by funding and installing energy efficient technologies in your office such as LED lighting, heat exchangers, building management systems and biomass boilers.

We have 9 year's experience in energy consultancy and have helped hundreds of businesses to identify energy cost savings of up to 40%.

We can fully fund and project manage the installation of these technologies. To learn more, contact us.

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Energy Saving Solutions for Offices

We specialise in helping businesses to better manage their energy usage and offer a number of well established and highly efficient energy saving technologies that will not only help your business to save money on its energy bills, but also reduce your environmental impact, and make your workplace a more comfortable and productive place to be.

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Facts about Office LED Lighting

Lighting accounts for a large proportion of any organisation’s energy bill. Traditional light bulbs are highly inefficient, losing 90% of their energy through heat. LED lights are a revolutionary technology and are up to 10x more efficient, delivering significant long-term environmental benefits and cost savings.

  • LEDs use a fraction of the energy of incandescent lights
  • LED bulbs can last 25 times longer
  • LEDs contain no mercury – lower environmental impact

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Comparative Energy Usage

Office Lighting Bulb Comparison

To learn how Green Capital can help to reduce your business’s energy bills by 40%


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Enistic Help Wolseley GROUP Cut Energy Bills by 80%

We were approached to deliver an Energy Management system that would provide Wolseley Group with the level of data needed to validate a permanent switch to LED lighting. The Enistic Energy Management system quantified massive energy savings of 64.75%, which cut daily lighting costs by up to 80% and, in addition, reduced the trade centre’s CO2 emissions by up to 80%.


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