Energy Efficiency Financing

Phase one of Enistic Green Capital’s energy efficiency fund consists of £2.5 million available to finance energy saving projects in the UK. Our goal is to enable any organisation throughout the UK to benefit from a range of energy saving technologies.

We offer three funding options, suitable for all applications. Each of our options provides an energy efficient technology upgrade with immediate and significant CO2 and energy cost savings.

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Available Funding Options

• Simple purchase – pay upfront
• Use your own funds/loan
• 3 Year Warranty

• Lights are rented over 5 – 10 years
• Minimum savings guarantee
• Savings are shared 50:50
• Full warranty and quarterly onsite maintenance
• At the end of the term, the equipment can be bought at market value (estimated at 12.5% of its initial value)

• Either a new Ltd company or a paper account, formed 50:50
• Green Capital invest the required upfront capital
• All savings flow into the Joint Venture
• Each party can choose when to receive their share
• At the end of the term, the lights can be bought for 10% of their current value

How does it work?

One: Site Audit Free site audit and identification

of energy saving opportunities

Two: Savings Calculation We calculate the costs, submit a proposal

and agree terms with you

Three: Test Savings Installation of a sub meter to monitor

and verify your energy usage and savings

Four: Installation Installation of your new

Green Technology

Five: Save Money Immediate energy

cost savings

Grants and Tax Breaks

In addition to the free energy efficiency funding available through Green Capital, there are a number of generous grants and tax breaks available to UK businesses to encourage the uptake of new energy saving technologies. This is in recognition of the huge benefits that these solutions can provide to individual organisations, the national economy and the environment.

To learn more about the available financial benefits, follow the links below.

Renewable Heat
Incentive (RHI)

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Enhanced Capital
Allowance (ECA)

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Find out if your organisation is eligible for energy efficiency financing.

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