Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and hot water from a single, local generator. The heat produced in the generation of electricity is captured and used to provide hot water at no extra cost. When compared to the traditional model of receiving electricity from the grid and operating an additional hot water boiler, CHP offers energy savings of approximately 40%.

Best suited for applications where there is a significant and consistent need for hot water (such as hotels, swimming pools, hospitals and certain industrial processes etc) CHP is expensive to install but offers a significant cost saving.

Subject to a feasibility assessment, Enistic can assist large organisations to benefit from CHP technology through our ‘ZERO COST’ energy saving scheme. We can install a fully operational CHP power unit on your premises at absolutely no cost to you. We then share the energy cost savings generated – providing not only a significant free capital investment in your infrastructure but a guaranteed monthly energy cost rebate.

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