Combined Heat and Power Units

Get a state-of-the-art Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit installed for free.

Our green technology funding is designed to help businesses and schools to benefit from the latest energy saving technologies by providing the capital funding for these projects.

CHP is the simultaneous production of electricity and hot water from a single, local generator. The heat produced in the generation of electricity is captured and used to provide hot water at no extra cost. When compared to the traditional model of receiving electricity from the grid and operating an additional hot water boiler, CHP offers energy savings of approximately 30 - 40%.

Combined Heat and Power Unit
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Funding for CHP Upgrades

Enistic Green Capital provides funding to UK businesses for the installation of the latest energy saving technologies, such as Combined Heat and Power units.

CHP provides significant energy costs savings in the right environment. It lends itself to application where there is a consistent requirement for large volumes of hot water or heating, such as large hotels, swimming pools and industrial applications.

If your business is eligible, Enistic will fully fund and project manage the installation of the latest CHP technology on your premises. Once the generator has been installed, we provide a free warranty on all work undertaken for an agreed fixed period, and during that warranty period, we measure and share the energy cost savings with you.

  • State-of-the-art CHP power unit installed

  • Zero cost

  • Zero risk

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