What are the benefits of LED lighting?


Light bulb concept. 3D render.

LED lighting has been around for some time. But until recently there have been two major obstacles preventing this technology from reaching its true potential. LED light bulbs are more expensive than traditional alternatives, and for many people the colour temperature of early LED bulbs were very cold and clinical.

The cost of LED bulbs

LED bulbs are still significantly more expensive than their incandescent alternatives, but the technology has come a long way and in recent years their cost has fallen dramatically. We are at a point now where LED refits still represent a significant capital outlay, but the energy cost savings that they generate through reduced energy consumption, not to mention the extended lifespan of a quality LED bulb, means that this capital outlay can be recovered in a relatively short space of time.

Colour temperature

The colour temperature of a light bulb is measured in Kelvin (K). The higher the Kelvin rating, the whiter and then bluer the light appears. This is not directly a measurement of the brightness of the bulb, but rather the warmth of the light it emits.

A bare LED bulb does produce a cold, blue light. To counteract this, manufacturers are able to manipulate the colour temperature by applying a phosphor coating to the bulb. This means that LED’s are now capable of producing a wide range to colour temperatures to suit all environments. However, the warmer the light, the thicker the phosphor coating and this does have a small impact upon the net brightness of the LED bulb.


Commercial lighting accounts for over 50TWh/year of electricity consumption in the UK, resulting in over 5 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Depending upon your organisations operations, lighting can typically represent 40% of your overall energy cost.

By replacing many of the common commercial lighting stock, energy savings of 40% are readily achievable. For many companies; however, the initial cost of doing this is prohibitive. Enistic Green Technology have developed a funding model to remove this barrier.

Enistic Shared Savings is a £2 million fund that helps UK businesses reduce their expenditure on lighting free of charge.  The fund operates as follows:

  • After a quick initial survey, we fit an accredited metering system for you free of charge to measure how much you spend on your lighting over a 1-month period.
  • We pay for the installation of a brand new energy efficient LED lighting system for you. The installation, equipment and comprehensive warranty are supplied free of charge.
  • We measure your energy use after installation and charge you half of the saving that we make over a 3, 4 or 5-year period.

As you can see, this is a no-risk way of you immediately saving money and the savings we share are typically 40%.

For more information on the benefits of LED lighting, or how our funding model works, please contact us.

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