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Example of Commercial LED Lighting

LED Lighting

In most commercial environments, replacing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting can offer an energy saving opportunity of 50% or more. This single act can reduce an organisations energy bill by hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, as well as significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Large Indoor Pool

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and hot water from a single, local generator. The heat produced in the generation of electricity is captured and used to provide hot water at no extra cost. CHP offers energy savings of approximately 40%.

Commercial Biomass Boiler Fuel

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are a carbon-neutral, renewable energy generation technology which burns wood chips, pellets or logs to generate heat and hot water. Biomass boilers are extremely efficient, offering savings of between 30% and 50%.

Office staff in energy efficient conference room


Phase one of Enistic Green Technologies energy saving project fund consists of £2 million to invest in energy efficiency projects in the UK. We finance and project manage the installation, AT ZERO COST TO THE CLIENT and then share the cost savings 50:50 over a fixed period.



Green Capital, as part of the Enistic Group, have worked with many top organisations in the UK to improve their energy efficiency. We provide tailored energy saving solutions to help our clients reduce their energy consumption and generate significant cost savings.

Many companies and schools are interested in going green – but do not have access to the necessary capital required to realise their green goals.

This is why the Green Capital Fund was launched.

Drawing on our expertise in energy management, we examine an organisation’s energy use and operations to identify viable energy saving opportunities. We then finance and manage the installation of fully maintained energy efficient solutions through a range of flexible funding models. Following the upgrade, we monitor the savings using our established Energy Management Systems to demonstrates the cost savings generated for our clients.

Enistic Energy Management Systems

We've helped these companies save energy save money


Sports Hall LED lighting upgrade at Oxford Spires Academy

Oxford Spires Academy changed the fragile and dated lighting in their sports hall to brand new, energy saving LED lights, increasing its safety, energy efficiency and versatility.

Warehouse LED High Bay Lighting

Warehouse Lighting Case Study – Metal Halide Bulbs vs. LED High Bays

One of the most commonly used lightbulbs for warehouse lighting are Metal Halide Bulbs. LED High Bay Replacements offer drastic improvements in lux levels, energy consumption, light and heat diffusion and life time.

the manor2

The Manor Hotel – LED lighting upgrade 78% more efficient

The Manor Country House Hotel, at Weston-on-the-Green, is a luxury 25-bedroom hotel in Oxfordshire. Following a fully funded LED lighting upgrade by Green Capital, their lighting costs were reduced by £12,000 p.a.


LED lighting upgrade at St Thomas More school – Saving £15,000 p.a.

St Thomas More, catholic school and sixth form college is a typical state school in Nuneaton. Following a fully funded LED lighting upgrade by Green Capital, their lighting costs were reduced by £15,000 p.a.


Gateway Primary School Reduce Energy consumption by 26%

Gateway primary school is a community school in Marylebone, London with an Ofsted grade of excellent. It has a total of 692 pupils within the age range of 3-11 years.


Okehampton College Reduce Energy consumption by 50%

In 2008 Okehampton College embarked on a energy saving mission; a mission to cut the College’s energy bill from £100,000 annually to zero.


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